Buy iPad Mini 6 NOW or WAIT for iPad Mini 7?
Buy iPad Mini 6 NOW or WAIT for iPad Mini 7?

Buy iPad Mini 6 NOW or WAIT for iPad Mini 7?

Hey everyone, we all really like the iPad mini 6, which came out in 2021. People have been talking about how great it is. But now there’s news about a possible iPad Mini 7 coming soon, with an Apple event planned for this year. So, is it still a good idea to buy the iPad Mini 6 or WAIT for the iPad Mini 7? Let’s find out!

Apple surprised us a lot when they introduced the mini in September 2021. We didn’t expect it, especially me. But during their fall event, when Apple showed it, I lost interest in the iPhone 13 and became really interested in the mini instead.

Buy iPad Mini 6 NOW or WAIT for iPad Mini 7

I wanted it badly, and I still don’t regret getting it. It’s not the best or the most powerful iPad, but it’s the most fun to use. I think I like it so much because I started liking Apple’s larger iPads over time. They had just released the magic keyboard, which changed how we use iPads. The M1 iPad Pro was really strong and had an amazing display, but even though I liked it, I used it less and less.

The 14-inch M1 MacBook Pro was perfect for me, the best computer I’ve ever used. It does everything I need, with an amazing display. Its size and weight are close to a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with the magic keyboard. So, gradually, the iPad Pro became not so useful for me, maybe just an expensive thing to keep or a second screen.

The iPad Mini fits really well in the space that was made for it. It’s bigger than my iPhone 14 Pro, but much smaller and lighter than the iPad Pro with the magic keyboard. It’s important to note that it’s not meant to replace a laptop.

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Buy iPad Mini 6

This is probably Apple’s only tablet which is exactly what it appears to be. And what you get is a super fun little iPad that can do most of the things the bigger iPads can, but it’s way lighter and tinier. When I just want to relax on the couch and browse the Internet or social media, I pick up the iPad Mini.

It’s also surprisingly good for things like TikTok because of its size and the way it’s shaped. It feels really natural to hold it upright. Unlike bigger tablets that feel like they’re meant to be held sideways, I can swipe through it for hours without my arms getting tired. It’s also the tablet I grab when I want to watch a quick show on Netflix while lying in bed and I don’t want to disturb Patty by turning on the TV.

The iPad Mini is great for handheld gaming. Even though its screen and refresh rate aren’t the absolute best, it’s still better than newer devices like the Steam Deck. Personally, I don’t mind the frame rates because I don’t use it as my main gaming device. It’s not super powerful, but it’s perfect for casual gaming.

The screen is bright enough for indoor use, it’s really light, and it’s surprisingly powerful, like a smaller version of the iPad Air 4. It can even handle more demanding games without any problems. I also like using the mini to write notes by hand.

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I prefer its size for quick notes compared to larger iPads or MacBooks. Another important reason is that the mini doesn’t create a barrier during meetings. When you bring out a MacBook or a large iPad in a meeting and start typing, it might seem like you’re not paying attention. But the mini doesn’t give that impression. It looks like you’re actively listening and taking notes.

The iPad Mini 6 is a great partner for your MacBook. You can use it alongside your MacBook to have more screen space or use special apps. Even though the iPad Mini 6 came out in 2021, it’s still an excellent device. I recommend it to anyone.

However, right now, it’s better to wait because the iPad Mini 7 might come out soon, maybe later this year or early next year. Rumors say the iPad Mini 7 might not have the big improvements we hoped for, like a better screen or a different kind of chip.

The way it looks might not change much either. The iPad Mini 6 looked quite different from the older version, having the same square shape as the other iPads now. The new iPad Mini might mostly just have a better processor, possibly the A17 chip. This chip might also be in the new iPhone 15s or the pro versions of the iPhone 15.

One of the big problems with the iPad Mini 6 is that the starting version only has 64 gigabytes of storage. This isn’t enough nowadays, especially considering it costs $499.

Even worse, there’s no option for 128 gigabytes; you can only choose between 64 gigs or 256 gigs, which is a big jump in both storage and price. For most basic users, 128 gigabytes is the ideal amount. I’d be surprised if Apple keeps the 64-gigabyte version this year. In other words, the base model should start with 128 gigabytes, and if the price stays the same, that alone makes it worth waiting for.

If you can’t wait, you might find a cheaper iPad Mini from a third-party seller instead of buying directly from Apple. So, unless you really, really need an iPad Mini right now (which is unlikely), it’s better to wait. I’ll definitely get one for myself, compare it to the sixth version, see what’s new, and share my findings with you. Of course, I’ll also review many other new products from Apple that we’re expecting soon.

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