Apple Watch X LEAKED: New Magnetic Band System Explained
Apple Watch X LEAKED: New Magnetic Band System Explained

Apple Watch X LEAKED: New Magnetic Band System Explained

We just found out some really big news about the upcoming Apple Watch from Mark German. Apple is working on the 10th generation of the Apple Watch, which is going to be a huge deal.

It’s going to have a major makeover, like how they changed the iPhone a while back. Actually, this change is going to be even bigger than that one.

The new design is something I’m personally excited about, but it might be so different that some people won’t like it and might even be mad at Apple. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, let me clarify.

Mark German’s Power On newsletter was released this Sunday, and he shared exciting news about Apple. They’re working on making the Apple Watch X (pronounced “ten”) even thinner. We all like it when our gadgets are thinner and sleeker, don’t we?

Now, let’s talk about how Apple plans to do this. Right now, the part of the watch that attaches to the band takes up a lot of space. People who create new Apple Watches thought this was a problem. They said this space could be used for a bigger battery or other important parts. And you know what? They’re right! If that extra space wasn’t there, Apple could make the watch thinner or give it much longer battery life.

Apple Watch X LEAKED: New Magnetic Band System Explained

Guess what Apple is planning to do about this? They’re going to change how the watch bands attach. This might sound a bit sad, but the bands you or someone you know collected for your Apple Watch won’t work with the new system. So, those bands you spent a lot of money on, especially the really expensive ones like the Hermes bands, won’t fit anymore. But don’t worry!

Apple has been working on new ideas, and it looks like they’re making the best choice. They’re going to use a new way to attach bands that will let them connect to the watch electronically. This is something that has never been done before!

Before I talk about the new Apple Watch updates, I need to tell you something important. The Apple Watch 9 is coming next month, but it won’t have many exciting changes. It’ll mainly have a faster and more efficient S9 chip. Why is Apple doing this? Well, they’re saving the big improvements for the Apple Watch 10, which is coming later.

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Apple Watch X

So, if you’re thinking of upgrading your watch this year, I think it’s a mistake. You’ll probably be disappointed when the new Apple Watch 10 comes out. It will have a new design, a slimmer case, new looks, special electronic bands, and more.

So, my advice is, don’t upgrade your Apple Watch until the Apple Watch 10 arrives next year. And don’t buy a bunch of Apple Watch bands now, because they won’t be worth much, and you won’t be able to use them with the new attachment system. If you have a lot of Apple Watch bands, consider selling them soon. The longer you wait, the more people will know about the new attachment system, and they won’t want your old bands.

Now, let’s talk about how these new bands will work together. You know how the latest MacBooks have that cool magnetic MacSafe feature? It connects easily and sends power through small pins.

Well, the new bands for devices might work similarly. Mark German mentioned that these bands will also attach using magnets, just like other magnetic features from Apple. These features always work well without much effort.

Think about Max A3 for MacBooks, MaxSafe charging for iPhones and Apple Watches, the magic keyboard for iPad Pro – all easy and quick. Even the Apple Pencil 2 charges with magnets easily.

So, I believe Apple will use strong magnets to make sure the new Apple Watch bands attach securely and the watch doesn’t accidentally come off. This will work really well. The best thing about these MacSafe-style magnets is that they’ll save space, making the device even thinner.

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But the most important part is the electronic connections. These let the watch talk to new futuristic bands that Apple has been designing for 4 years. You can actually see these bands in Apple’s patent documents.

So, let’s get started. First, there’s this idea that started in 2016. It’s like a special way to connect things using magnets. The special thing is that the part you wear on your wrist has pins that connect to the main part of the device. In the future, this wrist part might have special parts like sensors, batteries, and processors. These special parts will work together with the main device.

There’s even a picture of the wrist part connecting to a MacBook to charge, kind of like how a Mac laptop charges. Moving on, there’s another idea. This time, the wrist part has batteries inside. These batteries can make your Apple watch last longer before needing to charge. Imagine it’s like having an extra battery for your watch on your wrist. Here’s something else cool.

There’s a plan for a new wrist part with extra sensors. These sensors are for sports players and anyone else who wants to measure things. All these sensors will be built into the watch. It’s like having new superpowers for your watch. But wait, there’s more!

There’s a plan for a wrist part that can automatically tighten. It’s like having a little motor inside that makes your watch fit better on your wrist. You can control this with an app on your Apple watch. So, in simple words, these are all ideas for making your Apple watch even better in the future. They want to add magnets, batteries, sensors, and even a way to make your watch fit just right on your wrist.

But that’s not everything. There have been many leaks about Apple adding a way to measure your blood pressure with the Apple Watch.

To do this accurately, you’ll need a special band that tightens around your wrist. It’s like those sleeves you put on your arm that inflate to put pressure on your veins to check blood pressure. We just found out that Apple is also looking into using strange sensors to make the Apple Watch better at tracking your workouts.

That same tightening band can also help measure how much strain your tendons are under when you move. But the most important thing is something that will need these new bands that connect electronically. It’s about checking your blood sugar and alcohol levels without needing to prick your skin.

A company called Rocky Photonics made a new way to do this, but it might need an extra sensor on the other side of your wrist along with the watch. This new electronic band is needed to make this work. There are many other patents showing new ideas and sensors for these futuristic bands.

This will make them much more useful than they are right now. Apple will benefit a lot from this because they will sell specific bands for different uses, and these won’t be cheap.

Apple will make a lot of money, especially since the current bands won’t work with the new features. So, it’s a smart move by Apple. With all this in mind, it’s best to wait for the Apple Watch 10 and maybe sell your big collection of bands now.

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