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Why is It Illegal to Remove a Mattress Tag? (REVEALED!)

If you’ve ever tried to remove a mattress tag, then you probably know how frustrating it can be. But did you know that doing so is actually illegal? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at why mattress tags are there in the first place and why they are so darn difficult to remove. Keep reading to learn more!

Mattress tag removal can void your warranty.

Removing a mattress tag is against the law in most states. While it may seem harmless to cut out the tag and take it with you, it actually violates the terms of the warranty that came with your mattress.

To remove a mattress tag, you first have to cut through the adhesive that secures the tag to the surface of the mattress. This adhesive is extremely strong, so cutting through it can be a difficult task.

Many manufacturers use special glues for their tags that are designed to seal your warranty, and it is possible to rip through these adhesives. But removing these glues is no easy task; in fact, it can be difficult even for the professionals.

The adhesive on your mattress tag is designed to hold your warranty tightly in place. Removing the tag can cause you to lose your warranty, and replacing it can cost more than the mattress itself. So, unless you’re willing to void your mattress warranty, it’s best to leave the tag intact.

Mattress tag removal can cause physical harm.

Before you rush out to remove that pesky mattress tag, you should know that it could cause physical harm.

Today, most mattress tags are sewn into the mattress, so removing the tag without sewing it back could cause harm to you. Removing the tag could also damage the mattress, which would likely void your warranty.

Although this is true, the mattress tag is not required by law. Many brand owners consider it a best practice, however.

Is a Mattress Considered Furniture?

Mattress tag removal can be dangerous.

Mattress tags are an important safety feature for your home, and they’re difficult to remove safely. Removing a mattress tag can be dangerous, and it’s important that you only use the proper methods.

Most homeowners don’t realize that there’s a special way to remove a tag from a bed frame and mattress. It’s because removing a mattress tag without the proper tools can permanently damage the bed frame, leaving you with an expensive replacement.

Here’s some information about mattress tag removal:

Why mattress tags are important: Mattress tags help to keep young children safe. They’re required by law, and they prevent children from accidentally getting trapped underneath their beds.

They can only be removed by a special tool: You can’t just rip a mattress tag off – you have to cut it with a special tool. This adds to the expense and difficulty of mattress tag removal.

Removing a mattress tag can be dangerous: If you try to remove a mattress tag without the proper tools, you could damage the bed frame – permanently. In some cases, you could even put your child in danger.

Only trained professionals can remove a mattress tag: It’s illegal to remove a mattress tag unless you have a license. A professional can remove a mattress tag safely, while doing it without breaking the bed or endangering your child.

It’s best to hire a professional: If you attempt to remove a mattress tag yourself, you could get injured or cause damage to your home. It takes specialized knowledge to remove a mattress tag safely, and you should always hire a professional.

Difference Between Bed and Mattress

Mattress tag removal is illegal in some states.

Mattress tags are laws set by individual states that make it illegal to remove the tag that is included in your mattress at the time of purchase. Each state determines its own laws, which is why some states prohibit mattress tag removal and others do not.

Some jurisdictions require that you register your mattress when you purchase it. This registration requires you to put the mattress tag somewhere that is easily accessible. This means that even if you remove the tag from the mattress, you still have to register it at a store.

The laws regarding mattress tags differ from state to state, and in some instances, states are allowed to create laws that differ from federal laws. This means that there is no national law regarding mattress tag removal. If you are unhappy with the laws in your area, you can contact your local representatives and voice your concern.

Mattress tag removal can lead to fines.

It may surprise you to learn that mattress tags are illegal to remove. When your mattress is delivered, it usually comes with a tag attached. This tag provides important information, such as the type of mattress, the manufacturer, and the serial number.

While this tag may seem inconvenient, it is illegal to remove it. Removing a mattress tag may lead to fines that are hundreds of dollars, depending on the state you’re located in. Of course, removing tags from furniture is against the rules as well.

The tag is designed to help retailers track their products. If the tag is removed, it can be very difficult to identify where the furniture came from. This makes it easy for companies to sell used furniture as new.

Since there is so much demand for used furniture, retailers will usually charge lower prices for furniture that is barely used. This is why it’s so important to properly dispose of a mattress. Mattresses can be difficult to dispose of, but there are several options available. Retailers will usually accept used mattresses for recycling, or you can donate it to charity.

If you’re concerned about disposing of a mattress, you should talk to trash collection companies in your area to find the best options for your situation.

Mattress tag removal can damage your mattress.

Did you know it is illegal to remove a mattress tag? When you purchase a mattress, it comes with a tag attached that has information about the product. The tag contains a lot of vital information that you need to know, such as the manufacturer, model, and warranty information. Removing the tag is illegal and could cause you a lot of problems.

Many retailers will not honor the mattress warranty if the tag has been removed. This is because it is very difficult to prove that the mattress was purchased. This can cause you to lose a lot of money from your investment.

If the tag is removed, the retailer may issue you a new tag that is completely different from the original tag. This will cause you a lot of confusion, especially if the manufacturer, model, or warranty information is incorrect.

Mattress tag removal is not worth the risk.

When furniture is purchased, the tag needs to be attached to the item. That tag contains information about the manufacturer, item name, and where it was manufactured.

After purchasing an item, it is not legal to remove that tag, and doing so is considered defacing property.

It is illegal to deface property because you deface it by changing the information. Your local law enforcement agency can ban you from removing that tag.


Mattress tags are annoying. They can be removed, but the process can be incredibly frustrating. Did you know that it’s illegal to remove a mattress tag? These tags are in place to help protect consumers from purchasing a used mattress that may contain bed bugs, bacteria, or other contaminants. I hope this article helped shed some light on mattress tags and why they’re so difficult to remove!