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A cyberpunk illustration of a person examining the Vision Pro with an USB-c adapter and an external battery pack.

What’s Connected to the Vision Pro?

Vision Pro with Mystery USB-C Adapter

A Vision Pro headset with an unexplained USB-C adapter was spotted in Apple’s Platforms State of the Unions video for developers. The adapter was connected to the right side of the headset, leading to speculation on social media about its purpose.

Spotted in WWDC Video

Throughout the video, the Vision Pro headset with the USB-C adapter can be seen at various points, stirring curiosity among viewers. In one scene, it appears that the adapter’s USB-C cable is connected to a Mac Studio, indicating that the adapter could potentially provide a direct connection to a Mac for VisionOS app development using Xcode. However, there is no definitive view to confirm this in the video.

Connected to the Right Side of Headset

The Vision Pro’s exterior battery pack attaches to the left side of the headset, whereas the mysterious USB-C adapter is connected to the right side. As the release date for Vision Pro is not until early 2024, we can expect more information to be revealed about the headset and the adapter’s purpose in the coming months. Apple is also planning to release Vision Pro developer kits in July, which could aid in painting a clearer picture of the device’s capabilities and features.

USB-C Adapter Connection

The mystery USB-C adapter connected to the Vision Pro headset has sparked curiosity, with observers trying to determine its purpose and connection possibilities.

Cable Leading to Mac Studio

In the WWDC video, it seems that the USB-C cable from the adapter is linked to a Mac Studio. However, there is no definitive view in the video to confirm this connection, leaving its exact purpose up for speculation.

Possible Direct Connection for visionOS App Development in Xcode

If the USB-C adapter is indeed connected to a Mac Studio, it could potentially provide a direct connection for visionOS app development in Xcode. This scenario would enable developers to seamlessly work on apps for Vision Pro, but the adapter’s actual purpose remains a mystery for now. More information is expected to emerge as the Vision Pro release date in early 2024 approaches and developer kits become available in July.

Vision Pro External Battery Pack

The forthcoming Vision Pro headset features an external battery pack, which is an integral component of the device’s design and functionality.

Located on the Left Side of Headset

The external battery pack is situated on the left side of the Vision Pro headset. This placement contrasts with the mysterious USB-C adapter, which is connected to the right side of the device. As the Vision Pro’s release date in early 2024 approaches, further information about the battery pack as well as the purpose of the USB-C adapter is expected to be revealed.

Upcoming Information and Releases

As the highly anticipated release of the Vision Pro headset approaches, more details about the device and related components are expected to emerge.

Vision Pro Launch in Early 2024

Apple’s Vision Pro is set to launch in early 2024, marking the company’s first new product line since the Apple Watch in 2015. The headset is described as a “spatial computer” designed to blend the digital with the physical world, allowing users to remain present and aware of their surroundings. More information about the headset, including the mystery USB-C adapter, will likely be unveiled as the launch date draws nearer.

Developer Kits Available in July

Apple plans to make Vision Pro developer kits available to developers in July. These kits could provide valuable insight into the headset’s capabilities, features, and the purpose of the USB-C adapter spotted in the WWDC video. As developers gain access to these kits, more concrete details about the Vision Pro and its adapters can be expected to come to light.