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Unveiling the Apple Vision Pro Development Kit: Transitioning from Intel to Apple Silicon and What’s Coming Up

Apple Vision Pro Development Kits

The Apple Vision Pro headset marks a new product category for the company, running on the unique visionOS operating system. Developers will need to create specific augmented and virtual reality apps for the device, and to ensure a wide selection of experiences is available at its launch, Apple plans to provide Vision Pro development kits to developers.

Introduction of visionOS

The Vision Pro headset runs on a new operating system called visionOS, which is tailored for augmented and virtual reality experiences. To enable developers to deliver the best possible applications for the headset, Apple will provide development kits that offer the resources and tools needed to build, iterate, and test their apps on the Vision Pro device.

Assistance for developers to bring creations to life

Apple aims to support developers by offering a range of resources with the Vision Pro development kit. If it is similar to the Apple silicon development kit, purchasing the headset will grant access to beta software, developer labs, discussion forums, technical support, and other essential tools for creating and refining apps for the Vision Pro headset. In addition, Apple will offer compatibility evaluations for existing apps and invite developers to visit Vision Pro developer labs that provide live demonstrations of visionOS, iPadOS, and iOS apps running on the headset.

Application process and availability

Developers will need to apply to get their hands on an Apple Vision Pro development kit, but Apple has yet to provide specifics on when the kits will become available. It will likely require developers to purchase the headset, similar to how the Mac mini machines were sold during the Apple silicon development phase. More information on these development tools and resources, as well as visionOS SDK availability, is expected to be released this month, with additional details coming in July.

Previous Developer Kit: Mac mini with Apple Silicon Chip

The last developer kit Apple offered was the Mac mini with an Apple silicon chip inside. This kit was provided to developers with the purpose of helping them transition from Intel to Apple silicon.

Provided for Intel to Apple silicon transition

Apple introduced the Mac mini developer kit in 2020 to facilitate a smooth transition for developers as the company shifted from utilizing Intel chips to its own Apple silicon chips. This move was crucial, as it allowed developers to adapt their applications and better optimize them for the new hardware infrastructure. The Mac mini machines were preloaded with the necessary tools to ensure compatibility and performance on Apple silicon-based platforms.

Developers required to return the kits

Developers who purchased the Mac mini kit for $500 were required to return it at the end of the testing program. The temporary nature of this developer kit underscored Apple’s commitment to its transition while ensuring that developers worked within a limited time frame to adapt their applications. The Apple Vision Pro development kit may follow a similar model, with the purchase of the headset granting access to tools and resources so that developers can create and enhance augmented and virtual reality apps designed specifically for the Vision Pro headset.

Apple Vision Pro Purchase for Developers

To facilitate the development of augmented and virtual reality apps for the Vision Pro headset, Apple will provide developers with access to a range of resources and tools upon the purchase of the device.

Includes access to beta software, developer labs, discussion forums, and technical support

Upon purchasing the Apple Vision Pro headset, developers will gain access to a comprehensive suite of resources, including beta software, developer labs, discussion forums, and technical support. These essential tools are designed to help developers create, refine, and optimize their apps, ensuring a top-notch experience for users on the Vision Pro platform.

Vision Pro compatibility evaluations for existing apps

In addition to the resources mentioned above, Apple will provide Vision Pro compatibility evaluations for developers’ existing iPad and iPhone apps. By submitting their apps for evaluation, developers will receive a report from Apple outlining whether the app worked on the Vision Pro platform and offering suggestions for any necessary modifications to ensure compatibility and a high-quality user experience.

Developer labs in various locations

To further support developers, Apple will host in-person developer labs to provide hands-on experience with the Vision Pro hardware. These labs will be available in cities around the world, including Cupertino, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo. By attending these labs, developers will have the opportunity to learn about the full potential of the Vision Pro headset and receive guidance on how to build apps tailored for the visionOS platform.

Upcoming Information and Tools

As the developer community anticipates the Vision Pro headset and its unique visionOS platform, Apple is set to release more information and resources to assist in app development.

More information in July

Developers can expect further details on the available tools and resources for developing content for the Vision Pro headset to be released in July. This information will likely provide more clarity on the application process, availability, and other essential aspects related to the Apple Vision Pro developer kits.

visionOS SDK available later this month

The visionOS software development kit (SDK) is slated to become available later this month. This SDK will be crucial for developers, as it provides them with the necessary tools to build, test, and optimize their apps for the visionOS platform, ensuring a seamless experience for Vision Pro users.