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A futuristic vector art of a person wearing the Cypress Hero backpack with a glowing location module.

Targus Unveils the Cypress Hero Backpack with Find My Location Module

Targus Launches Cypress Hero Backpack

Tech accessories manufacturer Targus has announced the release of their newest product, the Cypress Hero Backpack, which comes with built-in Find My integration for Apple devices. This innovative backpack aims to combine essential features such as eco-friendly materials, laptop protection, and location services to ensure that tech items are kept secure and easily locatable using the Find My app on Apple devices.

Integration with Find My App

The Cypress Hero Backpack’s main highlight is its seamless integration with Apple’s Find My app, allowing users to keep track of their belongings with ease. This feature ensures that the backpack can be conveniently traced in case of loss or theft, providing an additional layer of protection.

Eco-friendly Materials

In a bid to contribute towards a sustainable future, Targus has made the Cypress Hero Backpack using eco-friendly materials sourced responsibly. These materials not only contribute to the Environment but also offer durability and resilience, ensuring the backpack remains in good condition for an extended period.

Laptop Protection

Keeping technology items safe is a priority for many users, and Targus has incorporated a dedicated laptop compartment into the Cypress Hero Backpack’s design. This compartment is designed to secure laptops while offering protection against impact and other potential damage. With this feature, users can now confidently carry their devices without any worry.

Pricing and Availability

Offering a blend of convenience and protection, the Cypress Hero Backpack with Find My integration is priced at $150. This premium backpack is now available for consumers looking for an efficient solution to keep their technology items safe and easily trackable while on the go.

Backpack Features

The Targus Cypress Hero Backpack with Find My integration boasts an array of impressive features, designed to cater to the needs of modern users. These features focus on utility, comfort, and sustainability, making this backpack an ideal choice for those seeking a functional and environmentally friendly option.

Eco-friendly Materials

Constructed using eco-friendly materials sourced responsibly, the Cypress Hero Backpack aims to contribute to environmental conservation while maintaining durability and resilience. These sustainable materials enable users to make a conscious choice without compromising on quality.

Laptop Compartment for up to 15.6-inch Laptops

The backpack is designed to accommodate laptops up to 15.6 inches, with a dedicated padded compartment for added protection. This compartment ensures the laptop is secure while safeguarding it from impact and potential damage during travel or daily use.

Multiple Compartments for Storage

Beyond the laptop compartment, the Cypress Hero Backpack offers a large main compartment, a secondary compartment with a workstation, and a convenient front quick-stash pocket. These compartments provide ample storage space for everyday essentials, making it easy for users to stay organized and carry everything they require.

22L Capacity

With a spacious 22L capacity, the Cypress Hero Backpack is designed to accommodate the needs of mobile professionals, ensuring they have enough room for all their essential items. Whether it’s for a daily commute or an occasional trip, this backpack offers the necessary space for both technology and personal belongings.

Padded Back Panel for Comfort

Understanding the need for comfort during prolonged use, the Cypress Hero Backpack features adjustable, ergonomic shoulder straps and a padded back panel. This design ensures a comfortable fit and helps distribute weight evenly, making it easy to carry the backpack for extended periods. Additionally, a pass-through trolley strap is included for easy transport on luggage when traveling.

Find My Location Module

The Cypress Hero Backpack’s integrated Find My feature is powered by a specially designed location module, which connects to the Apple Find My network using Low Energy Bluetooth® technology. This seamless connection allows users to locate their backpack within the Find My app, ensuring that their belongings are easily traceable.

Uses CR2032 Battery

The Find My location module included in the backpack operates using a CR2032 battery, similar to the one used in the Apple AirTag. This battery type ensures longevity and reliable performance in maintaining the backpack’s location tracking capabilities.

Battery Lasts up to 300 Days

With a battery life of up to 300 days depending on usage, the Find My location module ensures a long-lasting tracking solution for users. The user-friendly design includes a step-by-step guide on how to pair and use the location module with the Find My app, enabling users to take full advantage of this feature with ease.


The Cypress Hero Backpack with Find My integration can be purchased from the Targus website and participating retailers throughout the US, Canada, and EMEA at a price of $149.99. In line with a growing demand for eco-conscious solutions and the convenience of location tracking, this innovative backpack aims to provide users with an easy way to organize, protect, and keep track of their belongings.

Other Find My-enabled Backpacks on the Market

Targus is not the only brand that has ventured into Find My-enabled backpacks. Hyper, a brand owned by Targus, also offers a Find My-enabled backpack. This growing market illustrates the demand for cutting-edge technology integration in everyday items, providing users with an enhanced sense of security and ease in keeping track of their belongings.