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Mac Gaming Gets DirectX 12 Support with CrossOver 23 Release

Mac Gaming to Gain DirectX 12 Support

Mac gaming will receive a significant boost in capabilities with the addition of DirectX 12 support via CrossOver 23. This new development comes as a result of an announcement by CodeWeavers, the company behind CrossOver – a leading Windows compatibility layer software for macOS and Linux. This update will allow Mac gamers to experience better graphics and performance in Windows games and applications that require DirectX 12.

via CrossOver 23

CrossOver 23 will be the upcoming version of the compatibility layer software that enables running Windows applications on macOS and Linux without requiring a full Windows installation. With the implementation of DirectX 12 in CrossOver 23, Mac gamers can finally take advantage of the optimized performance and graphical improvements that this version of the popular API provides.

Announcement by CodeWeavers

CodeWeavers’ announcement regarding the addition of DirectX 12 support to CrossOver 23 is an exciting development for Mac users who wish to experience enhanced graphics and performance in their gaming. The company has been working relentlessly to ensure that macOS users can make the most out of their devices when it comes to gaming and other Windows applications. This includes improving the compatibility layer software to provide continuous support for the latest Windows technologies like DirectX 12, ensuring that Mac gaming remains relevant and competitive in the market.

Enhanced Windows Games Experience on macOS

The addition of DirectX 12 support in CrossOver 23 will significantly improve the gaming experience on macOS, providing users with better graphics and performance when running Windows games. The macOS gaming community will benefit from the advancements that come with DirectX 12, such as improved multitasking and better visuals.

CrossOver Translates Windows APIs into Mac Equivalents

CrossOver, developed by CodeWeavers, is a proprietary Windows compatibility layer for macOS based on Wine, an open-source project that translates Windows APIs into Mac equivalents. By offering Windows API compatibility, CrossOver allows macOS users to run Windows games and applications without a full installation of Windows. The software enables the execution of Windows programs by translating Windows system calls into equivalent macOS calls, eliminating the need for an actual Windows operating system or virtual machine.

Current Support for DirectX 11

As of CrossOver 22.0, the software provides support for DirectX 11, which is a previous version of the API that also brings enhanced graphics and performance to Windows games. However, the shift to DirectX 12 in CrossOver 23 will increase the range of Windows games and applications that can be played on macOS, enabling users to enjoy even better visuals and performance capabilities. This update demonstrates CodeWeavers’ commitment to the continuous improvement of their product and the overall gaming experience on macOS.

DirectX 12 Support Added on Per-Title Basis

The implementation of DirectX 12 support in CrossOver 23 will initially be introduced on a per-title basis. This approach will help CodeWeavers circumvent bugs and potential issues related to specific games, ensuring that the compatibility software provides the best possible gaming experience on macOS for each Windows game.

Circumvents Bugs

By adding DirectX 12 support to individual titles, CodeWeavers can address any potential issues and glitches that could arise due to variations in the implementation of DirectX 12 across different games. This meticulous, title-by-title approach helps prevent widespread bugs and compatibility issues, making sure that Mac gamers can enjoy their favorite Windows games with DirectX 12 in the most efficient and seamless manner possible.

Diablo II Resurrected as the First Title Supported

In their announcement, CodeWeavers revealed that Diablo II Resurrected would be the first title to receive DirectX 12 support in CrossOver 23. This popular action role-playing game offers Mac gamers an enhanced gaming experience thanks to the improved performance and graphics provided by DirectX 12 support, marking an exciting development in CrossOver’s compatibility capabilities.

Compatibility Database for Checking Game Support

As CodeWeavers continues to add DirectX 12 support to individual games, they maintain a compatibility database that allows users to check whether a specific title has been tested and runs well on CrossOver. By frequently updating the database with the latest compatibility information, Mac gamers can easily find out if their favorite Windows games are supported by CrossOver, helping them confidently invest in a software solution to enjoy the best possible Windows gaming experience on their macOS devices.

CrossOver 23 Release

The highly anticipated CrossOver 23, which includes DirectX 12 support, is expected to have its first beta release this summer, providing users a sneak peek into the enhanced features of the software. The official launch of CrossOver 23, featuring improved gaming support for Mac devices, will follow later this year.

First Beta Release This Summer

With the first beta release of CrossOver 23 expected this summer, users will have the opportunity to preview the software’s new features, including DirectX 12 support. Beta testing enables CodeWeavers to gather valuable user feedback and address any issues, helping to ensure that the official release of CrossOver 23 delivers a polished, bug-free experience for Mac gamers.

Official Launch Later This Year

Following the successful beta testing phase, CrossOver 23 is slated for an official launch sometime later this year. The official release will incorporate all the enhancements and updates introduced in the beta version, including DirectX 12 support for Windows games on Mac devices. Mac gamers can eagerly anticipate the arrival of this significant update to CrossOver, which promises to improve the gaming experience on macOS by offering access to a broader range of Windows titles with optimal performance and visuals.