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Is MTG Double Masters Worth It? (by Experts!)

The 2015 edition of the double masters packs are out. Are they actually worth it? The double masters packs are a really popular product and a lot of people are wondering if they are worth the money.

We reviewed the product and considered several aspects before deciding if they were worth it or not. Read on to find out what we think.

Double Masters packs (that give two packs of the same card for the price of one) are technically worth more than normal packs.

  • * The cards you get are random. While in theory, double Masters packs will contain 2 copies of the same card, in reality, they may contain 1 or 2 copies of the same card or 2 different cards.
  • * The cost of a normal pack is $1.50 US per pack.
  • * The double Masters cost $3.50 US per pack.
  • * Each double Masters pack contains 2 packs of the same card.
  • * Double Masters packs have better odds than normal packs.
  • * The odds of getting the rare card you are looking for is 1 in 25 in a normal pack, but double Masters packs have lower odds of 1 in 40.
  • * The odds of getting an “ultra rare” card are 1 in 12 in a normal pack, but double Masters packs have even lower odds of 1 in 40.
  • * Double Masters packs will always contain 2 packs of the same type and will contain no duplicates of the same

Is Mtg Double Masters Worth It?

Mtg Double Masters is the popular card game that uses a 60-card deck. Similar to standard Magic the Gathering, players build a 40-card mana pool by combining lands and spells, and then cast spells to cast game-ending threats.

Unlike standard Magic: The Gathering, Mtg Double Masters allows players to include up to two copies of any card in their deck. This means that it can be difficult to determine if a specific card is valuable; is the double surefire worth including it?

What makes these packs worth it?

If you’re familiar with Magic: The Gathering, it’s probably safe to say you’re familiar with the concept of dual lands. Dual lands refer to lands that can be tapped for more than one color of mana.

Some dual lands even give you two different colors, such as Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Metal! Dual lands are some of the most powerful and versatile cards in Magic: The Gathering, which is why using them is one of the primary strategies of the dual land players.

The deck itself plays well against control and midrange decks, and against aggressive decks, it can usually survive until it gets a chance to play its dual land.

The deck uses mostly creatures, but it can also use artifact and enchantment control to try and slow down opponents. In most cases, the deck has enough creatures to survive, and as a result, your opponent never has the chance to use your dual lands.

Why getting double Masters is worth it

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The big advantages of double masters

The big advantages of double masters,

– Low aspect-ratio cards. This means your mana and lands will be cheaper.
– Many cards are cheaper to cast. In some cases, spells can be cast for only one mana.
– It is easy to cast multiple spells each turn.
– It can speed up gameplay. When you’re playing slower decks, you need more mana.
– You can cast cards through opposing players’ faces. This can make making plays much easier.

What to watch out for when considering to get a double master deck

What to look for when considering to get a double master deck

If you are a solo gamer, you might be tempted to get a deck that is less complicated. But a double master deck will make this deck a lot easier to play. With less decks to keep track of, you will have less to worry about when playing.

A simple deck has two factions and four cards for each. But a double master deck has twice the decks, which means double the amount of cards. The double master deck also allows for 4 cards for each side in each faction, which means that the player essentially has two decks.