iPhone 15 Pro - 6 Reasons to Upgrade THIS year!
iPhone 15 Pro – 6 Reasons to Upgrade THIS year!

iPhone 15 Pro – 6 Reasons to Upgrade THIS year!

Even though the iPhone 15 Pro is coming in the next months we’re already seeing multiple leaks and rumors for the iPhone 16 Pro so in this video I’m gonna give you six good reasons why you should upgrade to the 15 Pros this year instead of waiting.

1. Design

iPhone 15 Pro 6 Reasons to Upgrade THIS year

Let’s dive into the first reason: the redesign. Apple often gives its iPhones a major design overhaul every three years. We saw this in 2014 with the rounded iPhone 6, in 2017 with the all-screen iPhone X, and in 2020 with the squared-off iPhone 12. Now, the new iPhone 15 lineup continues this trend, but with a more subtle twist that benefits those who prefer using their iPhones without a case.

Unlike the flat slab with squared corners seen in the iPhone 14 lineup, the iPhone 15 models introduce a sliding curve along the edges. This change is significant. While the previous curved iPhone 6 design lacked stability on a table, the iPhone 12’s flat sides provided stability.

The new iPhone 15 Pro combines both features: flat sides for stability while standing upright, and curved edges that meet the glass panels on the front and back. This not only enhances the device’s aesthetics but also offers a more comfortable and ergonomic feel. Holding the iPhone will be smoother and more pleasant, as the sharp edges won’t dig into your palm.

Additionally, the curved edges might create an optical illusion, making the phone appear slightly slimmer due to how light interacts with the curves. This effect is reminiscent of past MacBook designs that seemed thinner than they actually were.

Despite the iPhone 15’s increased thickness, it could give the impression of being as thin as before. Another part of the redesign involves super thin 1.5-millimeter bezels, made possible by the curved edge design, integrating the new 2.5D glass seamlessly into the frame, similar to the approach used in the Apple Watch.

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2. Thunderbolt

iPhone 15 Pro Thunderbolt

Moving on to the second compelling point: you might not be aware, but in 2012, when Apple introduced the Lightning port, they stated that it was designed to be a modern connector for the next decade. This means that 2023 will mark the first year without the Lightning port. Confirming this change, various sources reveal that the entire iPhone 15 lineup will adopt the USB-C port.

A notable source, Unknown’s 21, provided an actual photo of the 15 Pro’s bottom, enhancing credibility. Moreover, 3D artists have crafted renders showcasing the iPhone’s complete look with the USB-C port, which, I must say, appears impressive in designs like Ian Zelbo’s.

Leaks from sources such as Shrimp Apple Pro and Ming Chikuo suggest that Apple plans to retain the MFI program for USB-C accessories, possibly making Apple’s USB-C cables a necessity for faster transfers and charging. Excitingly, analyst941 confirmed on Twitter that the iPhone 15 Pro models will feature Thunderbolt ports, not just basic USB-C, translating to incredibly rapid data transfer.

This source also revealed that Apple is developing unique iOS 17 software, unlocked only with the release of the iPhone 15 lineup. This software will enable special camera features like real-time external monitor usage while recording on the Pro models.

Undoubtedly, a major advantage will be the ability to utilize the same USB-C cable for your iPhone, iPad, and other USB-C devices. Hence, upgrading to the iPhone 15 is well-timed. The port alteration isn’t expected before 2026, or later when Apple embraces wireless MagSafe for data and charging, marking a completely portless approach.

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3. Titanium

Now, let’s delve into the third compelling rationale. Apple is breaking a six-year tradition by introducing a novel metal to their iPhones: titanium.

Confirmed by Unboxings21, titanium will be among the available finishes for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models.

The appeal is heightened for certain readers, particularly those following Ian Zelbo, who have been treated to a glimpse of the elegant brushed titanium aesthetic and a range of finishes, including the striking new deep red. Yet, beyond aesthetics, the new titanium finish boasts a range of practical advantages that might not have crossed your mind.

The primary advantage lies in titanium’s inherent strength and durability, surpassing that of stainless steel and aluminum. This very reason underpins the exclusive use of titanium in the new Apple Watch Ultra. Furthermore, its weight is surprisingly lighter than stainless steel.

Consider the weight differential between the stainless steel and titanium Series 7 Apple Watch models – titanium’s weight is more akin to aluminum, despite being the most robust of the trio. Consequently, for individuals who harbor reservations about the added weight of iPhone Pro models, the iPhone 15 Pro titanium variant presents an enticing solution.

Transitioning to the second point, the innovative brushed titanium finish is expected to excel significantly in terms of fingerprint resistance. Unlike stainless steel models that rapidly accumulate fingerprints and potential grime, the new titanium finish is poised to remain largely unmarred by such issues. This constitutes a substantial advantage.

4. Mute Switch

Now, let’s proceed to the fourth point. Introducing the action button – replacing the long-standing mute switch from the original iPhone, this enhancement proves to be significantly more practical. This innovation is exclusive to the 15 Pro Models, as it won’t be integrated into the regular 15s.

This underscores the importance of considering the Pro Models if an upgrade to the new 15 lineup is under consideration. The appeal doesn’t stop there; it boasts complete programmability. This allows you to assign a variety of tasks, launch applications, and manage specific features, amplifying its versatility even further.

Notably, it possesses the capability to detect pressure. A brief press can activate one function, a double press might initiate another, while a prolonged press could trigger something entirely different. This culminates in an extensive array of functionalities at your fingertips.

5. Bionic Chip

For reason number five, the A17 Bionic chip stands out. It’s built on TSMC’s pioneering three-nanometer process, a world first, resulting in impressive performance gains per leaks by Tech Reeve on Twitter. This new chip also promises up to 35 percent better battery efficiency.

Coupled with other enhancements like a more efficient display, the iPhone 15 Pro should see a notable battery life improvement and enticing upgrades.

Remember, the iPhone 16 Pro’s improvement won’t be as drastic, using three-nanometer chips again, possibly with refinements. Upgrading to the iPhone 15 Pro is a smart choice, especially considering this year’s substantial jump from five to three nanometers.

6. Wireless Charging

Finally, we have reason number six which is actually an upgrade of people’s favorite iPhone feature which is Max safe.

Well apparently with this year’s iPhone 15 Pro Apple will be improving the max safe Wireless charging speed up to 20 watts instead of the current 15 which is a very nice 33-speed boost that will surely help people feel better about choosing to charge wirelessly so their you have it those are six very good reasons to upgrade to the 15 Pro this year instead of waiting for the 16 Pro since all of these features are nice upgrades and they shouldn’t really change that much next year so the perfect time to upgrade will be in 2023.


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