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How To Build A Small Form Factor Gaming Pc

How To Build A Small Form Factor Gaming Pc

Ready to level up your gaming experience while saving space? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll unveil the secrets of How To Build a Small Form Factor gaming PC – your ticket to compact greatness. 

From navigating size limitations to choosing the perfect components, we’ve got you covered. 

So, grab your toolkit and get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure into the world of compact gaming rigs. Short answer: 

Yes, you can build a Small Form Factor gaming PC, and we’re here to show you how!

How To Build A Small Form Factor Gaming Pc

Understanding Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs

Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs have gained significant popularity in the gaming community due to their compact size and portability. 

These systems pack powerful hardware into a smaller footprint, allowing gamers to enjoy high-performance gaming without sacrificing space or mobility. 

SFF PCs come in various form factors, including Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, and more, each with its own unique characteristics and size limitations.

Planning Your Build

Before diving into the exciting world of building a Small Form Factor gaming PC, it’s crucial to start with careful planning. 

Begin by determining your budget and performance requirements. Consider how much you’re willing to invest in your system and what level of gaming performance you aim to achieve. 

Research compatible components that suit SFF builds, ensuring they can fit within the limited space of your chosen form factor. 

Additionally, take into account the size limitations and consider the thermal management options available to keep your PC cool in a compact environment.

SFF Case – Lian Li Q58

When it comes to SFF PC cases, the Lian Li Q58 is a standout option. 

Its sleek and minimalistic design combined with its compact size makes it an excellent choice for building a Small Form Factor gaming PC. 

The Q58 features a versatile layout that can accommodate both Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX motherboards, allowing for greater flexibility in component selection and future upgrades. 

With its thoughtful design and efficient use of space, the Lian Li Q58 is a reliable foundation for your SFF PC build.

CPU – Intel i5 11600K

The CPU is the heart of any gaming PC, and for a Small Form Factor build, the Intel i5 11600K is a powerful and efficient choice. 

With its 11th generation architecture and six cores, this processor delivers impressive gaming performance while maintaining a relatively low power draw. 

The i5 11600K also features unlocked multipliers, allowing for easy overclocking to further enhance its capabilities.

Motherboard – Gigabyte Z590I Vision D

The motherboard is a crucial component that determines the compatibility and expandability of your SFF PC. 

The Gigabyte Z590I Vision D is a feature-rich Mini-ITX motherboard that provides excellent support for high-performance components.

 It offers robust power delivery, multiple M.2 slots for fast storage options, and extensive connectivity options to cater to your gaming needs.

RAM – G.Skill Trident Z Royal Elite 3600 CL16-19-19 (16GBx2)

For optimal gaming performance, the RAM you choose plays a vital role. 

The G.Skill Trident Z Royal Elite series offers high-speed, low-latency memory modules that are perfect for a Small Form Factor gaming PC. 

With its elegant design and excellent performance, the Trident Z Royal Elite 3600 CL16-19-19 ensures smooth multitasking and responsiveness during intense gaming sessions.

Storage – WD_Black SN850 + SN750SE

Fast and reliable storage is essential for quick boot times and seamless gaming experiences. 

The WD_Black SN850 and SN750SE NVMe SSDs provide exceptional speed and ample capacity for your SFF gaming PC. 

The SN850 offers lightning-fast read and write speeds, while the SN750SE provides a cost-effective option without compromising performance. 

With these drives, you’ll enjoy swift game loading times and efficient data transfers.

CPU cooler – EK-AIO 240 D-RGB

Utilizing an External Backlit Keyboard 34

Keeping your CPU cool is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. 

The EK-AIO 240 D-RGB is a compact liquid cooling solution that excels in Small Form Factor builds. 

With its efficient heat dissipation and customizable RGB lighting, this cooler ensures that your CPU stays within safe temperature limits, even during intense gaming sessions.

GPU – Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Vulcan OC 8G-V

The graphics card is the powerhouse behind delivering stunning visuals in gaming. 

The Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Vulcan OC 8G-V offers an excellent balance of performance and size for Small Form Factor builds. 

With its powerful RTX 30 series architecture, this GPU delivers smooth gameplay at high resolutions and enables real-time ray tracing for breathtaking visuals.

PSU – FSP SFX Dagger Pro 850W

A reliable and efficient power supply unit (PSU) is essential for any gaming PC. 

The FSP SFX Dagger Pro 850W is a compact PSU designed specifically for Small Form Factor builds. 

With its high power output and modular cables, this PSU provides stable power delivery while minimizing cable clutter in your limited space.

Building a Small Form Factor gaming PC requires careful consideration of components that can fit within the compact space while delivering impressive performance. 

In the next section, we’ll continue exploring the key aspects of building your own Small Form Factor gaming PC, including efficient cooling and selecting the right peripherals.

FAQs About How To Build A Small Form Factor Gaming Pc

What GB is Best for a Gaming PC?

The amount of RAM (GB) best suited for a gaming PC depends on the specific games and their system requirements. 

For modern gaming, 16GB is generally considered the sweet spot, providing enough memory for smooth gameplay and multitasking. 

However, if you plan to engage in more demanding tasks or future-proof your system, opting for 32GB or even higher may be beneficial.

What Motherboard Does SFF Use?

Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs often use Mini-ITX motherboards due to their compact size. Mini-ITX motherboards offer a balance between functionality and space-saving design, making them ideal for building compact gaming systems. 

These motherboards typically have one PCIe slot, multiple SATA ports, and various connectivity options, allowing for the integration of high-performance components in limited spaces.

What is the Bare Minimum RAM for a Gaming PC?

The bare minimum RAM requirement for a gaming PC varies depending on the specific game and its recommended specifications. 

However, 8GB of RAM is generally considered the minimum for entry-level gaming. 

While it can handle basic gaming needs, upgrading to 16GB or more is recommended for better performance, especially with modern games that demand more memory.

Are Gaming PCs Durable?

Gaming PCs are typically built to withstand intensive use and offer durability. 

However, the overall durability of a gaming PC depends on various factors, including the quality of components used, proper cooling and maintenance, and responsible handling. 

Investing in reputable brands, ensuring proper cooling and dust management, and handling your system with care can significantly contribute to its longevity and durability.

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Which Form Factor is Better?

The choice of the best form factor for a gaming PC depends on individual needs and preferences. 

Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs, such as Mini-ITX, offer compactness and portability, making them suitable for space-conscious users or those who need to move their systems frequently. 

On the other hand, larger form factors like Micro-ATX and ATX provide more expansion slots, room for additional components, and potential for higher-end configurations. 

Consider your specific requirements and available space to determine the form factor that suits you best.

What is a Micro Form Factor PC?

A Micro Form Factor PC refers to a compact system that is smaller than traditional Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs. 

These systems are designed to be extremely compact while maintaining the ability to house essential components. 

Micro Form Factor PCs often feature custom designs and specialized cases that maximize space efficiency. 

These systems are suitable for users who require a highly compact and portable PC solution.

What Size is a SFF Motherboard?

Small Form Factor (SFF) motherboards, such as Mini-ITX, have standardized dimensions. 

A Mini-ITX motherboard typically measures 6.7 x 6.7 inches (170 x 170mm). 

The compact size of Mini-ITX allows for the integration of a variety of components while fitting within the limited space of SFF cases. 

These motherboards offer a balance between functionality and size, making them popular choices for SFF PC builds.

Can Mini-ITX Be Used for Gaming?

Absolutely! Mini-ITX motherboards can be used for gaming without sacrificing performance. 

These compact motherboards are designed to accommodate high-performance components, including powerful CPUs and GPUs. 

While they may have fewer expansion slots compared to larger form factors, Mini-ITX boards can handle demanding games and provide an immersive gaming experience in a compact form factor.

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Why Get a Small Form Factor PC?

Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs offer several advantages for gamers and PC enthusiasts. 

Firstly, their compact size allows for easy transportation and space-saving, making them ideal for LAN parties or setups with limited space. 

SFF PCs also provide an opportunity for unique and aesthetically pleasing custom builds. 

Additionally, advancements in component technology have made it possible to build powerful gaming rigs in smaller form factors, eliminating the need for large, bulky systems. 

Ultimately, choosing a small form factor PC offers a blend of performance, portability, and customization options.

Final Thoughts About How To Build A Small Form Factor Gaming Pc

In conclusion, building a Small Form Factor (SFF) gaming PC can be a rewarding and exciting experience. 

By carefully selecting compatible components, considering size limitations, and optimizing thermal management, you can create a powerful gaming rig in a compact form. 

The compactness of SFF PCs allows for portability, space-saving, and unique customization opportunities. 

While building an SFF PC may present some challenges, the end result is a high-performance gaming system that offers an immersive gaming experience without sacrificing space or aesthetics. 

So, embrace the world of SFF PC building and embark on the journey to create your own compact gaming masterpiece.