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Donner DDP 400 Review

Donner DDP 400 Review (After Using 2 Year of Experience!)

If you’re in the market for a new digital piano, the Donner DDP-400 Upright Digital Piano + Duet Piano Bench with Storage might be exactly what you need.

This instrument combines the best features of a premium upright piano and a digital piano, making it both a great instrument for beginners and professionals. With its space-saving design, this digital piano is also ideal for beginners who may not have much room to work with.

Donner DDP 400 features:

The DDP-400 upright digital piano features 88 keys and 4 weighted, graded hammer action keys for an authentic piano feel. It is equipped with 300 built-in tones, 100 rhythms and 30 demo songs and features 5 levels of touch sensitivity, 60 demo songs and 40 rhythms.

The Duet Piano Bench offers 10 different height settings, padded adjustable backrest and adjustable height piano bench with storage compartment.

Donner DDP 400 design:

There are not many variations in the Donner DDP-400 Upright Digital Piano Design. It is a small portable digital piano that provides all the traditional piano features. Donner has incorporated many electronic features that bring the piano to life.

It responds well to the touch of your fingertips. The Donner DDP-400 has keys that naturally produce sound when pressed. It responds to nuance and pressure. This lets you produce high-quality music on demand.

It has been proven that musical training has many positive benefits. Children who are involved in musical training have a sharper memory, better listening skills, and greater coordination. They also excel academically, since they develop better reasoning and problem-solving skills.

How We Pick & Test?


We opted for a $699 price point, which is low enough for a student piano but high enough for a parent or teacher to splurge. 


We assessed each piano’s tonal quality, touch response, and dynamic range. 


We looked for piano models with solid construction, comfortable action, and an elegant, distinctive look. 

Ease of use:

We looked for intuitive, intuitive layouts that make playing and learning the piano as hassle-free as possible.

Looking for the flaws:

The Donner DDP-400 Upright Digital Piano is a decent keyboard but there are a few flaws. For one, the Donner DDP-400 Upright Digital Piano is a little bit heavier than comparable models.

The Donner DDP-400 Upright Digital Piano is also a little bit more expensive than comparable models. The Donner DDP-400 Upright Digital Piano has a bigger keyboard than most others.

The Donner DDP-400 Upright Digital Piano also doesn’t have any speaker system in the keyboard.

There is a small speaker located at the bottom of the unit. However, most people find that a sound system consisting of headphones and an external speaker system is a better option.

‘My brother is a teacher, he uses this piano for classes.’

The Donner DDP-400 Upright Digital Piano comes with 2 preset songs (12 and 15 bars) and 6 demo (non-playable) songs. These are excellent songs for demo purposes.

However, they are not your typical song. They are perfect if your customer is buying this as a present for a relative or friend. Although it is not ideal to have a piano that only plays 2 and 3 bar songs, the Donner DDP-400 Upright Digital Piano does have decent sound quality.

What to look for when buying Donner DDP 400  Digital Pianos?

The price:

The Donner DDP 400 Digital Pianos is an affordable digital piano for a beginner. 

The keyboard:

The keyboard should be easy to press, responsive, responsive, and have a good range of tones. 

The sounds:

A digital piano should have several sounds, from acoustic piano to harpsichord to percussion. The sound should be clear, not squeaky or distorted. 

Plays itself:

A digital piano should play itself when it’s placed in “silent” mode. And it should do it at the right volume and not mess up when you turn the piano back on. 

Touch-sensitive keys:

Some digital pianos have a button on the side that lets you mute the sound. A piano with touch-sensitive keys lets you mute or un-mute the sound by touching the key.


  • Nice compact digital piano, sounds great 
  • 88 weighted keys 
  • Touch sensitive keys, good feel 
  • Big sound, nice action 
  • Great value, great for home, studio, or practice 
  • The bench is really nice, and the storage is convenient too 


  • The bench is flimsy, and feels a bit cheap 
  • The pedal board feels a bit cheap, but works well 
  • The keys are pretty flat, and the spacing isn’t quite the same as an acoustic piano, but it’s pretty close

Things to consider:

Excellent sound quality:

The piano itself should sound good, and the piano bench should provide a comfortable seat. 

Easy to assemble:

You should be able to put everything in place in just a few minutes. 


A lightweight piano is easier to move from room to room, while a heavy one may be more difficult.

Features We Like: 

  • Perfect for home or studio 
  • Audio system reproduces piano sound perfectly 
  • Dual 15W amplifiers that produce excellent sound 
  • Duet piano bench with storage


The Donner DDP-400 Upright Digital Piano + Duet Piano Bench with Storage is an affordable beginner-level digital piano that’s ideal for teaching or practicing at home.

It offers several nice features, including wide keys, 88 keys, 4-speaker surround sound, a 30W amplifier, dual 15W amplifiers, and a weighted keyboard. It’s portable, lightweight, and compact, weighing only 23 pounds and measuring only 42 inches wide by 18 inches deep by 11.5 inches tall.

Although it’s designed for home or classroom use, it’s durable enough for occasional performances and includes a built-in USB port.

Weighing only 23 pounds and measuring only 42 inches wide by 18 inches deep by 11.5 inches tall, this digital piano is lightweight, portable, and compact, making it easy to take with you when practicing or performing.

The DDP-400’s black finish and wooden cabinet gives it a stylish look, and the included bench has a padded seat and storage compartment.