4 Best Portable Mini-Projectors 2023
4 Best Portable Mini-Projectors 2023

4 Best Portable Mini-Projectors 2023

Looking for the perfect portable projector? Look no further! In this video, we present the top recommendations to suit every need and budget.

Whether you’re a travel enthusiast, a movie lover, or dealing with limited space, we’ve got you covered.

From the compact and durable BenQ GS50 to the affordable AAXA P7, we’ll explore the best options that deliver stunning visuals. Stay tuned to discover the ideal portable projector for your unique requirements. Let’s get started!

The Best Overall Portable Projector: BenQ GS50

BenQ GS50

If you’re in need of a projector that is both compact and rugged enough to be carried around, look no further than the BenQ GS50. While it offers a minimum brightness of 500 lumens, its other features compensate for that when used in dark spaces.

The projector boasts a charming outdoorsy design, and its waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof (up to 2.3 feet) exterior provides excellent protection, making it the only recommended projector with such durability

According to our research, among all the projectors of this size, the GS50’s speakers sound the best. It has a 2.1 stereo channel, as well as a dedicated subwoofer, which no other projector we recommend has.

This projector can even be used as a Bluetooth speaker when paired with a smartphone. “The sound won’t rock your world, but it’s better than most,”. BenQ claims a battery life of up to two hours, but as noted above, it’s closer to 90 minutes in most cases.

The GS50 also has a built-in autofocus that adjusts the image when it gets blurry, which less expensive projectors like the AAXA P7 lack, so you don’t have to fiddle with the lens yourself.

Depending on your needs, this projector can produce an image ranging from 80 inches (diagonal) from a distance of 7 feet, up to 100 inches from 8.7 feet, and it’s one of only two projectors we recommend that can project an image from an angle and straighten itself.

It has two HDMI ports, one USB-A port, and a USB-C port, and if you leave your cables behind, it has Android TV built in so you can stream directly from apps, as long as you’ve got a hotspot or wireless network nearby.

We would like to highlight that many companies tend to overlook portable projectors since they cater to a niche market. However, this is not the case with the GS50.

It is the only recommended projector that comes with a 3-year warranty, while most others offer only a single year. This demonstrates the manufacturer’s commitment and experience, as they were not merely aiming for a disposable product.

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Best (Less-Expensive) Portable Projector: AAXA P7 Pico

AAXA P7 Pico

The AAXA P7 not only comes at a lower price point than the BenQ GS50 but is also significantly more portable. It easily fits in the palm of your hand and provides a brighter display than the larger GS50, with 600 lumens compared to the GS50’s 500 lumens. However, note that the brightness drops to 450 lumens when running on battery power.

Despite its small size, the P7 delivers a 1080p resolution and can project a screen size of 120 inches from up to 7.5 feet away. Unlike the BenQ GS50 or XGIMI Halo+, the P7 lacks autofocus features or built-in smart TV software. Additionally, its battery life is limited to a maximum of 90 minutes, as stated by AAXA.

It’s worth noting that the P7 is the only model with a rechargeable battery not included in the package, requiring an additional $30.

However, since the P7’s battery is swappable (unlike the built-in batteries of other recommended projectors), you can purchase an extra one to extend the runtime.

The P7 provides inputs for HDMI, USB-C, and mini VGA, along with ports for a microSD card and a USB-A flash drive.

It comes with a small tripod for mounting the projector, but it is also compatible with any standard tripod for added height flexibility.

Like the other models on our list, it has a built-in speaker, but you can connect it to your preferred Bluetooth speaker for enhanced audio quality and louder sound. Given the P7’s compact size, there should be enough space in your bag for a decent speaker.

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XGIMI Halo+ – The Best Portable Projector for Bright Environments


When it comes to portable projectors, XGIMI takes them seriously, just like BenQ. The XGIMI Halo+ offers a smaller overall size compared to the GS50 and boasts an impressive brightness of 900 lumens, almost double that of its counterpart. It maintains the same high-quality 1080p resolution.

With its built-in 59W battery, the Halo+ delivers a remarkable runtime of approximately two and a half hours, surpassing other recommended battery-powered options. Similar to the GS50, the Halo+ can also function as a Bluetooth speaker.

The Halo+ includes Android TV and innovative software features. It comes equipped with autofocus and obstacle detection capabilities, adjusting the projected image accordingly.

Additionally, the software automatically aligns the screen with the projection surface, even at an angle.

The Halo+ can project a screen size of up to 120 inches from a distance of 10.46 feet, or as close as 5.2 feet for a 60-inch screen, providing a broader range than competing models. Furthermore, like the P7, the Halo+ is compatible with tripod attachments.

Although its brightness gives the Halo+ an edge over the BenQ, it’s missing two things that make the GS50 stand out: The Halo+ isn’t nearly as durable, so you’ll have to be more careful when lugging it around, and its warranty is only one year.

BenQ TH671ST – The Ideal Portable Projector for Small Apartments

BenQ TH671ST

For those with limited space, minimal portability needs, and no requirement for a rechargeable battery, the BenQ TH671ST is an excellent choice. It offers a larger screen and significantly higher brightness, boasting 3,000 lumens, surpassing all other recommended projectors.

Despite its size, the TH671ST remains reasonably portable, allowing for easy repositioning. It should be noted, however, that it requires a nearby power outlet as it does not support battery operation.

It’s significantly larger than the GS50, but in addition to being much brighter, it also has more input options than any other projector we recommend so all your bases are covered, even if you’re connecting it to an old PC.

Moreover, the TH671ST excels in projection distance, offering a maximum screen size of 150 inches when placed 7.5 to 9 feet away. This surpasses our best overall projector by an additional 50 inches, providing an extra three inches of distance.


In conclusion, each of the portable projectors we discussed has its own strengths and is suitable for different needs.

Ultimately, the best portable projector for you depends on your specific requirements, whether it’s outdoor durability, affordability, brightness, or larger screen size. Consider your needs and preferences to select the projector that best suits your situation.

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